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The Three Pillars Of Wellbeing


Physical Health

When we talk about physical health it isn't just going into the gym and having a great session.


We are talking about being in a great place in regards to your all round physical health. 

1) Cardiovascular Health

2) Strength

3) Mobility 

4) Core Strength

These are just four components of many that add up to giving you good physical health. 


Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing is something that is only just coming to the forefront of company minds now more and more people are admitting that they are suffering and need help. 

Mental Wellbeing is such as important component of wellbeing as it can have a big negative effect everything if you are not in the right headspace. With our specialist team we are putting in place seminars, workshops and many accessible tools for people to use that will be targeted at improving their mental wellbeing. 



Nutrition is bout fuelling your body with the valuable macronutrients and micronutrients you need in order to function. But we also need to make sure it suits your busy lifestyle, its sustainable and you enjoy the food you are consuming! 

We encourage you to pick an approach to nutrition that suits you as an individual.


One size really doesn't fit all when it comes to nutrition and there are 100's of ways to go about finding the right one for you! 

Our Services

The Health Hub 

What Is The Health Hub?

The Health Hub is an online platform that is the first of its kind where we use our three pillars of wellbeing of physical health, mental wellbeing and your approach to nutrition to specifically improve the individual wellbeing of your employees.


Alongside our specialists we provide lots of valuable content which is regularly updated for your employees that work around the areas of:

- Obesity/Fat Loss

- Muscular Skeletal Issues

- Mental Wellbeing: Stress, Anxiety, Behavioural Change etc 

- Work Life Balance & Time Management

- Nutrition

- Financial Advice 

Our Vision

We envision this online platform being a huge part of corporate wellbeing going forward as we aim to make wellbeing more convenient and easy for your employees. We want to bring these three pillars to people as we know with busy social life, kids and many other things it can always be hard to look after your health. 

We see it being a huge benefit for remote workers towards their health and to make them feel more of a team member as the work towards a healthier wellbeing as a team. 

What Content Will It Contain?

Working alongside our specialists we will be producing content that is constantly updated. We will be able to take feedback and requests to tailor content towards your employees and company needs. We will be providing: 

- Training Programmes 

- Nutrition Programmes 

- Mobility/Prehab Programmes

- Soft Touch Check Ins With Our Coaches

- Regular Blogs, Tips & Content Based On The Three Pillars

Plus much more! We offer both the standard programming and individually tailored programming

For More Details On The Health Hub Head To The Link Below

Our Onsite Services

I Want To Know More About Your Onsite Services

Our onsite services have proved very popular with our clients such as Wesleyan, Eversheds Sutherland, Midland Heart etc. Being onsite has enabled us to create a fantastic raport with the employees onsite and find out what services suit them best. This has meant that we are able to tailor a package that means we are able to give their employees the best results possible. 

For more details on our onsite services, enter your email details below and receive a PDF with all of our detailed services. 


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